Juice Cleansing: My Journey Day 1

IMG_0392Today is June 1, 2017.

Today, my husband and I began our 2 day Juice Cleanse through Nourished by Nature.

Over the course of these next 2 days we will consume nothing except organic, raw, cold pressed, juice and vegan nut milk smoothies. We are also allowed water and green tea. 

It is currently almost 7 pm local time. I am drinking juice # 5 for the day. The juices are delicious and refreshing; but MAN AM I HUNGRY! LOL

I worked my usual shift at Trader Joe’s from 8-3, consuming a juice every 2.5 hours from the time I woke up. I then came home, and after walking my dogs, proceeded to get my house in order because I am also concurrently hosting a class on Green Cleaning for the home with Norwex, while undergoing this cleanse. 

The signs of detox are starting to hit. My head is starting to hurt, a sign of the toxins leaving my system; my eyes are heavy and I just want to go sleep, a sign of my body’s need to cleanse the blood, particularly the mitochondria in each cell. 

I am obsessively thinking about food, which is torturous because we just had a shipment arrive of vegan, organic meals for 2 from Green Chef and I can’t stand opening my refrigerator and seeing all of the delicious ingredients awaiting my cleanse to be complete. 

I am blogging about this experience as it happens and will write a final piece at the conclusion to share what I have learned.

Stay tuned!

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