Juice Cleanse: My Journey Day 2 begins

Well, I made it through Day 1! I almost thought I wasn’t going to make it! Last evening, after posting on this blog, while hosting my Green Cleaning class, I was hit with a blinding migraine and severe nausea. As soon as all of my guests left, I curled up in a ball on the couch, in pain. I honestly couldn’t finish the rest of juice #5 even though it was delicious, because the urge to vomit was so severe. 

Being a person with a severe aversion to vomiting, I refused to let it win, and just practiced my pranayama (yoga breathing) through the pain and nausea. 

After about an hour of lying down and dozing, my  husband came home and brought me my last juice of the day, which was actually NOT a juice but a vegan nut milk smoothie…..IT WAS AMAZING! My nausea had subsided, yet I still had the pain of the migraine in my left temple. The nut milk smoothie was called “Banana Slamma” and it was a delicious combination of cashews, bananas, cacao, peanut butter, and agave. This definitely helped take the “edge” off of my hunger and settle my stomach.

Shortly after finishing my final drink for the day, I decided to head up to bed and give my body the rest it needed. I knew I was not scheduled for work the next day and could sleep in as long as needed. 

This morning I awoke around 5 am, still with a headache, but was able to fall back asleep.  I hardly even heard my husband wake up and leave for work at 6 am. Ironically, for as crappy as I was feeling yesterday evening, he was the complete opposite! He felt great! Had extra energy and pep in his step, and other than fantasizing about tacos LOL he was fine!

I finally awoke slowly around 8 am to start my day. Luckily, I have a massage scheduled this morning, which works out perfectly to help my body through this healing process!

I am drinking juice #1 for Day 2, The Prima Donna made of Pineapple, Kale, Parsley and Lime. The headache has mostly subsided and is just a dull ache. I am feeling better overall and looking forward to seeing how the rest of this day progresses. 

I can’t wait to make those meals from Green Chef this weekend!

I can’t wait to spend time with all five kids this weekend and to feel refreshed and regenerated after this cleanse! It may be tough going through it, but it’s worth it in the end, kind of like childbirth!?! LOL :p 

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