Mail Order Vegan Meals?

I recently subscribed to Green Chef and opted for the Vegan meals for 2 package (which arrived while I was still on my Juice cleanse! talk about frustrating!).

I have belonged to a CSA in the past and loved getting fresh, organic food delivered to my door, so I thought, hey why not sign up for these mail order meals where everything is pre-measured and planned out for you and all I have to do is follow the recipe?

So far we have made 2 of the meals: Ginger-Curry Tempeh Salad which was our first solid meal after the cleanse, and tonight was the Hearts of Palm Sandwich.

The Ginger-Curry Tempeh Salad was delicious and made enough so that we each had seconds (remember, we were coming off a cleanse and dying for REAL food!) The directions were extremely easy to follow step by step with visuals! I was so proud to post my pics on social media!

Tonight, while I was at the office seeing a nutrition client, hubby chose to make the Hearts of Palm sandwiches. This meal was not gluten free, as it is served on toasted baguettes, but I decided I would give it a go. I have never had Hearts of Palms before so I was intrigued. I liked it overall, however, the instant I took a bite of the meal I tasted a strong pungent herb, and when I questioned my husband as to the ingredient he confirmed my suspicion of oregano. I love oregano oil for medicinal purposes, but I do NOT like it seasoning for my food! So if we make this meal again, it will be Sans Oregano. He also enjoyed making the meal because it was so explicitly clear (we like organization if you can’t tell?)

Tomorrow we are making meal #3 White Bean Fritters with Garlic fries, arugula salad and aioli. And we have 3 new meals waiting in the fridge for us from our second delivery which arrived last night!

Honestly, I am really liking this mail order meal stuff! I love that it’s 100% organic, vegan, mostly gluten free (that was an option to select from, as was vegetarian, and paleo for my non veggie friends), and practically everything is included just shy of the frying pan and knife and cutting board.

If you are a busy working mom like me, someone who has a busy schedule but wants to eat healthy but doesn’t have the time to devote to searching through recipes, and is tired of eating the same old meals, I HIGHLY recommend checking into Green Chef!

Let me know if you try them out and what you think! Happy cooking!

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