high-fiber-foodsPersonalized Nutrition Counseling
Does this sound familiar?

You haven’t been feeling well for a while. You call your doctor’s office, or perhaps visit a walk in clinic. You spend what feels like FOREVER waiting for the doctor; whether it is waiting for an available appointment time, or simply waiting in the office waiting room. At last, the doctor walks in briskly, asks you a few questions about your symptoms, does a quick examination, and within 10 minutes has prescribed you with a new medication and exits the exam room, leaving you to question “What just happened here?”

This is in no way intended to disrespect the medical community. However, sadly this has become more of a reality of how our “health care system” works. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I strive to change that!

During a Personalized Nutrition Counselling Session, the entire focus is on YOU. Appointments are scheduled to run for 60 minutes. I offer flexible appointment times; and if you are unable to physically come to me, I can visit you in your home, or have the sessions through Skype/Zoom.

Honestly, when is the last time you spent 60 minutes just on yourself?

Personalized means simply that; I listen to YOUR story and work to create a treatment plan to meet your needs. We do this by having you complete a very detailed and thorough confidential Health History Form prior to our first meeting.

Our session begins with determining what are YOUR goals for working with me. From there we work side by side, over the course of a few months, to reach the ultimate goal of me becoming unnecessary because you now have the tools to heal yourself!


Reiki works with the energetic, physical, and emotional aspects of the client, to address imbalances on all levels. Reiki helps to restore the body’s natural ability to heal and create balance. It is holistic in its approach, and works not only with the symptoms, but also the root cause of the imbalances as well.

You may want to experience a Reiki Session to help with:

  • General balancing
  • Clearing emotional blocks
  • Physical pain
  • Increasing Clarity
  • Issues with life

What to Expect During a Reiki Session:

Before your session, you will complete a confidential Health History Form, that is not as lengthy as the Nutritional Health History, but still gives me an idea of what areas we need to focus on, as well as measure growth and progress from one session to another.

When you enter the space, it is intended to promote serenity and relaxation.

We will review your Health History Form, and answer any questions you may have for me.

You will then lie, fully clothed, on a therapy table and relax. In the background there will be relaxing music playing, as well as essential oils being diffused.

As the Reiki practitioner, I will place my hands above your body in various parts in a sequential method, or place them directly on your body such as on your head. The entire session is completed in silence and takes approximately 60 minutes.

When the session is complete, you may feel free to discuss with me any questions or comments that arose from the session.

high-fiber-foodsWorkshops and Personal Development

Prior to becoming a CHN, I spent the last 5 years of my teaching career as a Literacy Coach, where my role was to facilitate staff development. I am very comfortable with presenting lectures to groups large or small!

As a CHN, I am happy to work with your staff or general audience to present workshops and lectures on relevant health topics.

Possible Workshop Topics Can Include (but are not limited to):

Healthy Holistic Parenting
Nutrition for Kids
Yoga for Kids
Cooking with Kids
Delayed Food Allergies
What Exactly is Gluten? Should I Be Afraid?
Adopting a Vegetarian/Vegan Lifestyle
Juicing for Your Health
ADHD: A Natural Approach
8 Tips for Weight Management
Using Herbs and Essential Oils
Why Organic?

IgE or IgG
Food Allergy Testing and Bloodwork

As we begin our journey towards optimal health together, there will likely come a time that I am requesting you have blood work drawn so that I can have a comprehensive picture of what your body is trying to tell us.


Most Common Lab Panels Ordered Include:

IgG Delayed Food Allergy Panel

         For Children:  96 Foods/Herbs Tested

*Through Alletess Medical Laboratory

         For Adults:     184 Foods/Herbs Tested

*Through Alletess Medical Laboratory

Additional Lab Testing May Include:

  • CBC (Complete Blood Chemistry), Metabolic Panel, Thyroid Panel, Hemoglobin A1C, Hormone testing, Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies, C-Reactive Protein
  • These can be drawn at your local lab of choice such as LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics.
  • I can order these from my office, or through your physician.