Working with Beckie has really changed the way that I think about not only the food I put in my body but the products I use on the outside as well. Since working with her, I have discovered which foods really allow me to perform at the top of my potential.  Plus, I haven’t had IBS symptoms in months (which used to be a pretty common occurrence)!    My body awareness is at such a heightened state, that in a matter of no time, I can tell exactly what does and does not agree with my system.  It’s a little surreal but also pretty amazing.  Beckie is unbelievably friendly and welcoming. Regardless of any issues you may be experiencing, Beckie is worth checking out.  The body knows what it needs and Beckie is there to help translate for you.

-Gina B.

I first met Beckie in 2012 when she became my mentor as a Special Education Teacher. Through the years, Beckie and I not only became co-workers, but extremely good friends. When she told me she was interested in becoming a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I was thrilled for her and also became one of her first clients. At the time,I was living a stress-filled life; I was planning my wedding, buying a house, and dealing with family issues. Although I was exercising daily and eating healthy, I was suffering from anxiety and thyroid issues, including weight gain, fatigue, and migraines. When I sat with Beckie at my first appointment, she was extremely helpful and patient, listening to all of my concerns about my current health and my future goals for my health. She never criticized my thought process or told me my goals were out of reach. She sat with me countless times to set up plans to get me on track, readjust the plans if something wasn’t working, and helped me avoid using medication to address these issues. Even when new health issues occurred a few months ago, Beckie took the time to listen and make suggestions to keep my health top priority. Through both situations, Beckie was not only knowledgeable in nutrition, but also in her suggestions with different meditation, yoga, and exercises to reduce anxiety and keep me focused through my journey. Thank to Beckie and Holistic Heroine Health, I am happy, healthy, and living life to the fullest.

-Anna R.

I am so glad I came across Beckie! She has helped me so much, i feel like my life has slowly transformed. I came to Beckie because I wanted a positive change that would lead to a healthier life style, and Beckie has given me the tools to do so, and it all comes from within. Beckie has exceeded my expectations, I highly recommend her!
-Nicole C.

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